Monday, August 24, 2009

Strange Question...

I was in a philosphical (is that what it's called?) mood yesterday, so I was thinking about some odd and deep questions. Only, problem is, I don't remember any of them except for one. My question is: Do people form their interests around how they were born, or how they were raised? For example, Was I naturally born with a love of music, or was my interest the result of my mom singing to me when I was little and teaching me music? It's probably an obvious answer to anyone else but me, so can you help me out? Oh, readers means no answer...hmmmm....JJ?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ponyo Question-Response

Yeah, that's a deep question, JJ. As you probably know, I have yet to see that movie, so I have no idea what to say. I mean, the tone of voice in which the little boy says he will love her forever could also help to imply the love of which he is speaking of. Based on the tale of the movie, I feel like the love is more of a family love. As if she were a sister to him. Unless this movie were strange and irrational and they end up like kissing in some scene or something. That'd be weird. Anyways, I highly doubt a Disney movie would encourage the love and marriage of some otherworldly being, but based on some of their other movies, I really don't know what to think of Disney anymore o.O

Sorry Ican't be much of a help. I have a much simpler mind than yours, JJ, considering my first question was about cheese and yours was about a deep and meaningful love.

Ponyo Question - JJ

Today I went to see Ponyo, a movie about a goldfish who eats human blood and then becomes human and accidentally messes with the balance of the universe and the only way to restore it is by making her human but the only way to make her human is if the boy who helped her promised to love her forever and if he didn't she'd turn to sea foam. For those of you that follow Japanese movies, the English version starred Noah Cyrus, Frankie Jonas, and Tina Fey. Yup, it was talent and a couple of children who are completely dependent on their older siblings and cuteness for fame. And to top it off, it came with an infectiously annoying song called "Ponyo" all about the movie plot. Can anyone say earplugs? It's not so much their singing, just the melody sounds like something used to drive young children insane.

Anyway, at the end of the movie, the little boy promised to love her forever. But there's many different ways to love. So my question is: Is it enough for the little boy to love her as a sister or a friend or must he go on to marry her someday? And if he doesn't marry her, will she turn to sea foam? Because there seemed to be plans in place to raise them as siblings, in the same household with the same parents. And I don't know about you, but I'm not exactly inclined to marry my siblings. And since they're only five, will she turn to sea foam if they do date, then break up and marry other people? I mean, the little boy is obligated to loving her and obligational love like that is more common in siblings than in boyfriends and such. So that's my question. If anyone has an opinion, I'd love to hear it. What's that? Oh, imaginary readers can't leave comments? Oh... darn... hmm... Basil? Help me out here.

Friday, August 21, 2009

First Question Response - JJ

Well, to start, I believe there are cheeses made from different milks. For instance, Goat Cheese is made of (let's think about this one...) goat milk. We ate cheese made of sheep milk the other day. Moreover, I think the aging process varies to change the taste. And finally, I don't think cheese is solid mold. It's... I don't really know... what is in cheese? Well, google says...

Apparently tofu is vegetal cheese, so they must be prepared in the same way, one with soybean, the other with milk. Oh, just figured it out. Cheese is milk and then depending on the type of cheese, it's prepared with other ingredients as well. But they all consist of pasteurized milk and salt. That's satifsying to know.

And to answer the second part of that post, yes, we should.
For instance, my song of the day is "The Mob Song" because the boy playing Gaston in our production of Beauty and the Beast seems to be incapable of singing in time, so we ran that over and over and over and over again today. And then we tried marching and singing at the same time... disastrous.

First Question - Basil

Holaa! Es Basil! Yeahh, I'm really bored right now considering I'm on vacation but can't go to the beach (high tide took away like 3/4 of it =.=). In response to my boredom, I've been thinking about stuff...then I ate some goldfish (the snack that smiles back!!). You know, the classic cheddar kind. Personally, I much prefer the flavor blasted pizza goldfish, but we didn't have any of em...waah :'(

Anyway, eating Goldfish made me think of cheese (obviously?), which made me think of something my brother said about cheese a few days ago. He said something about how cheese is basically mold. Which, in my head, prompted the question "What exactly is the difference between sour milk and cheese? And how do you make different cheeses if there's only really one milk?" Yeah, so thet's my thought right now. Normally, I'd just look this kind of stuff up on Google, but my computer has been spazzing lately and I'm afraid to open more than 2 tabs (the other tab is Facebook...why end my interesting conversations with my unbiological sister and my ex?), so I can't exactly do that right now. Also, I really wanted to blog about SOMETHING, since again, I'm really bored and I figure it might make up for my lack of bloggage (yes, I DID just say bloggage) on Nonsense That maks Sense. Hmmmmm, JJ please read this because I have a question for you. You know how you used to have your whole "song of the day" thing? Well, should we do something cool like that for NTMS or this randomess blog? If you do read this, thanks for reading. And good luck with HHYT 2nite!! Ima go now and write something on NTMS because I feel like it. If anyone besides JJ is reading this, go find that blog too. We need some readers :) Bye!b

You Might Be Wondering...

Why does this website exist? Well, you know those days when a random question just pops up in your head or you come to a sudden realization of something new in your life? No? Well I have those kinds of days ALL THE TIME and I feel that I need somewhere to write all of my thoughts down. Then I can come back to them later by re-reading the blog, see what JJ thinks of them or maybe even see comments from subscribers (but we all know that last one's never going to happen). Yeah, my thoughts are going to be completely scatterbrained and have no specific topic whatsoever, but if JJ can provide some input or respose to whatever I might happen to write, it would be nice. If you're reading this, JJ, because you suddenly noticed there were two blogs on our account instead of one, feel free to post anything on here that you might want me (or imaginary readers/subscribers) to respond to, no matter how crazy it may be (considering your name is also in the title, which I apologize for if it's a really sucky name). Alas, I bid you farewell, and I hope to blog soon (which will probably be later today). Bye!......oh and if you didn't know, this is Basil :) so again, Bye!